We provide clients proposing to start a theatre business, or presently engaged in the business, with accurate and detailed information necessary to ensure success in their venture. Our relationship with our clients is confidential. We neither solicit nor accept any financial consideration from any vendor or provider we recommend, basing all decisions on what is in our client’s best interest.

Do you have answers to these questions:

What are the demographics of your market area?
Can your market area support a theatre?
Where is the best location for your theatre?
Should you build or lease? (advantages & disadvantages)
IS there an existing, vacant building that could be converted to a theatre?
How much will it cost to build and begin operation?
How much land area do you need?
How many screens and seats should your theatre have?
What can you expect for income and expenses?
What changes are likely to happen in the next five to eight years in the business?
How do you prepare for these changes?
What are additional sources of income?
How can you capitalize on the high profit sources?
Who will be the most important people in your operation?
Why do you think you can be successful as a theatre owner/operator?
What can you do to avoid common mistakes?

You can avoid making a multimillion dollar mistake by obtaining answers to these and other
questions by investing in a feasibility study and guidance from your initial conception
through years of successful operation.

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